Born Brasil 1976, Marcelo Moscheta is an artist based in Campinas, in the interior of Brazil. As an artist-traveller he attempts to look at the world in a similar way to the romantics of the 19th Century or the Great Explorers of the Arctic. He is interested in the landscape as a representational system from where man can measure his world. During his experience in this remote place he used uncommon materials and techniques such as drawing, printmaking, photography and installations to conclude his ideas. His works address the notion of the ephemeral and mankind's efforts to understand and recreate physical and geographical aspects found in natural landscapes.

Moscheta received his BFA and MFA from the State University of Campinas and is the recipient of numerous grants and awards in Brazil. He has participated in several group shows and recent solo exhibitions in São Paulo, Frankfurt, Lisbon and Milan and his works are included in the collections of museums in Brazil and Belgium and private collections in the U.S.A., Italy, Russia and Latin America. His last artistic residences involved sailing in the High Arctic, walking in the Atacama Desert and crossing the borders between Brazil and Uruguay.



Photography Credit: Guy Brett - Tomás Espinosa - Hamish Fulton - Marcelo Moscheta - Alexia Tala.