Our mission is to create a platform for contemporary creative art projects based in the Chilean Atacama desert with an aim to expand to other remote regions of the country. Each invited artist will be asked to concentrate on their surroundings taking into consideration their geographical, social, political and/or cultural context.
Plataforma Atacama invites both Chilean and international artists to inhabit a specific territory where they can reflect, think, create and produce works of art in response to their personal experience.
Marcelo Moscheta Hamish Fulton Plataforma Atacama
Marcelo Moscheta is an artist based in Campinas, in the interior of Brazil. As an artist-traveller he attempts to look at the world in a similar way to the romantics of the 19th Century or the Great Explorers of the Arctic.
Visual artist, studied in Hammersmith College of Art (1964-1965), St.Martin's School of Art (1966-1968) and The Royal College of Art†(1969). Since 1969 he has been developing his artistic practice which centres on the act of walking.
Plataforma Atacama began its activities with the first art project in March 2012. The Brazilian artist Marcelo Moscheta was invited for a two-week residency in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile.
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Photography Credit: Guy Brett - Tomás Espinosa - Hamish Fulton - Marcelo Moscheta - Alexia Tala.